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EVERY WOMAN HOPE CENTRE was registered in Nigeria, on the 21st November, 2013 by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).  It was established to compliment the role of government in addressing the needs of the internal environment, with emphasis on Women and Children. As a recourse centre, it seeks to bridge the operational gap in the society through advocacy and participation in dialogue processes, in order to influence government policies in favour of its beneficiaries so as to improve their lives.

The organisation recognises the importance of collaborating with global development agencies in building our society and shall relate with advocacy groups, likeminded foundations including the government to attract a greater commitment to Women and Children in Nigeria by donor institutions and rich nations.

Every Woman Hope Centre is primarily humanitarian and a non profit making, formed solely for the promotion of public benefit and natural development. It adopts transparent operational strategies that revolve round training programmes, workshops, seminars and project management in communities and various locations to enhance Local Development Initiatives.

The management is from a strategic view point, credible, proactive and professional, given the increasing nature of competition and other variables in the sector.


The EVERY WOMAN HOPE CENTRE has the following objectives:

i.                    To cater for the welfare of women and kids.

ii.                  To encourage mother and child bonding.

iii.                To create awareness on issues bothering on women and children

iv.                 To carry out activities incidental to the realization of the aim and objectives of the association.

v.                   To study the environment to identify new opportunities and predict possible challenges

vi.                 To identify potential donors and attract donor-funded projects where necessary.

vii.               Mobilize women at grass root level through awareness campaigns to strengthen women’s participation in policy formulation and implementation for the promotion of values and principles in the society.

viii.             To partner with other women groups in Nigeria, Africa and at the global stage on gender equality and protection of the rights of the girl child.

ix.                 To improve standards in Nigeria’s maternal health care system.

x.                   T o deliberate with stake holders on topical issues that affect women and children such as education.


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Every Woman Hope Centre, a non-governmental organization (NGO) registered in Nigeria, and publishers of LifeCare Journal  is most passionate in addressing the needs of the internal environment with emphasis on women and mainstreaming gender in public policies. This is to empower women moving forward and strengthening their capacities to contribute to social innovations for global stability and sustainable socio-economic development. We seek to bridge the operational gaps in the society through advocacy and participation in dialogue process so as to influence global government policies in favour of women, to improve their lives and ensure adequate security. This will also enhance gendered approaches for socio-economic and political empowerment, amelioration, collective development and advancement in the community. This strategy further seek to address legitimacy and accountability in governance structure, building resilient communities and strengthening inclusive economies.

The current state of global economy predisposes the average woman to harsh economic environment and limits her impact and input towards national growth and sustainability. Many women we know are financially restricted and together with their families survive without adequate financial provision. Poverty level has become so high and there is a high prevalence of preventable deaths. From every indication, the strategic action-plans for poverty reduction especially in Nigeria, such as the creation of opportunities for people to engage in economic activities made no significant impact in alleviating their plight in this present situation. Most of our women and youth are educated, skilled, active and willing to work but government's support is not available especially at the grass roots.

As a resource and a recourse centre, we intend to propagate effective leadership in communities and to collaborate with existing standards and strategies for societal building and development. This program will foster relationship with like-minded groups, institutions and foundations, healthcare and service providers both regional and global including the government and attract a greater commitment to women by donor institutions and rich nations. The program will also increase our knowledge and ability to study the environment and identify new opportunities to develop strategic solutions for the  provision of suitable thematic interventions for women for a better world. It will strengthen our capacity to predict possible challenges with the intention of attracting donor- funded projects where necessary, for growth promotion and to contain with various environmental challenges.

Besides, there is every need to promote public benefit and natural development in communities through learning. We have been advocating the need to lay a firm foundation for national growth, productivity, social cohesion and peace and capacity building. In bringing this learning back, it is better to engage a transparent operational strategy that revolves round uplifting the underprivileged especially women. Staying fast to humanitarian conviction, it is important to give a great course to transformations towards sustainable livelihood and to ensure equitable development.

The transformation will focus on ensuring quality health care service to women of all ages and acceleration in reduction of high mortality and fatality rates. It will also intensify efforts towards the protection and guarantee of sexual and reproductive rights of women to the grass root level. This strategy should also seek to promote positive-action measures on the right to education of the girl-child as a tool to ensure human capacity development. It will design a comprehensive package as an instrument and a network to improve the situation of women in the society. The network will promote positive-action measures to sustain campaigns and advocacy on the right to education of the girl-child as a tool to ensure human capital development. There should be training programs and workshops to promote initiatives for women development in economy and modern agricultural biotechnology to enhance their income generation capacity to enhance global sustainability, biosafety and food security.

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