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The mission is to give a voice to women and life to a dream. Every Woman Hope Centre is active in driving forward her interventions in restoring hope to Women and Children.


To do the right thing right. EVERY WOMAN HOPE CENTRE serve by sustaining innovative initiatives that shall compliment government efforts in adding value to the society.  


Every Woman Hope Centre studies the environment to identify new opportunities’ and predicts possible challenges; with the intention of attracting donor-funded projects where necessary. It has developed strategic plan, intended to provide interventions for women for a better world. It consists of various thematic areas capable of highlighting the underlying principles of the centre, for the promotion of growth and development.


The centre in collaboration with existing standards is inclined towards the eradication of illiteracy and ensuring equal access to education. It also advocates access of women to technical and vocational training as a specific instrument to improve the situation of women in the society. The network promotes positive-action measures and sustains campaigns on the right to education of the Girl child; to achieve human capital development, a tool to combat poverty.


Socio-political participation:

In line with various submissions already made towards the full participation of women in decision making arenas at continental and intercontinental levels, the network aims at facilitating women’s advancement and insertion in various administrative levels in formulation and implementation of policies. The centre is active in the promotion of legislation review to align with international legislation on women’s full citizenship with the aim at increasing and giving visibility to gender equality; with particular attention to effective application of the legislation on violence against women. It talks Gender; and promotes women’s social and political following the non-discriminating principles. It seeks to strengthen women’s participation in decision making in emergency situations and in peace building processes in conflict and post conflict areas.


Rural development and food security:

The objective of this action-plan is to foster rural development, promote income generation and strengthen entrepreneurial initiatives with special emphasis on the grass-root women and feminists’ economic rights. This intervention will support poverty alleviation\reduction strategies, sustainable agricultural production initiatives and promote water sanitation programmes targeting women. It ensures women’s access to resources, their presence in taking decisions on issues on environmental management and natural resources and ownership and the use of land to broaden their business and enhance their economic opportunities.

This strategic plan supports training for women in agricultural management, access to technologies and market network to guarantee food security and water.


Economic development:

The centre via this plan is interested in facilitating access to credit facilities for rural and urban women working in the informal economy. It promotes accountability mechanism in financial institutions that provide services to women.  This intervention forges alliance with businesses that guarantee the channel of distribution both locally and internationally of goods and services produced by women to encourage economic development.



This intervention is dedicated to ensuring quality health care services to women of all ages and acceleration in reduction of high mortality and fatality rates. It intensifies efforts towards the protection and guarantee of sexual and reproductive rights of women.

This hope centre promotes training programmes in sexual and reproductive health for medical staff and health workers for improved maternal, pre and postnatal care, through quality obstetric services for women. It equally promotes services to prevent and care for HIV-AIDS and STDs and create special unit to identify and provide services for survivors of gender based violence.  


Every Woman Hope Centre (Ewc), Suit 34 2nd Floor,  Dansville Plaza near Apo Legislative Quarters Abuja

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